EyeC Polska opens a new showroomNeues zu Inspektionssystemen zur Druckbildkontrolle - EyeC GmbH

EyeC Polska opens new showroom for EyeC inspection systems

EyeC Polska opens a new showroom

EyeC Polska moved to a larger office and opened a showroom in Wrocław, Poland.

“I am happy that our new showroom is now open”, says Marcin Weksler, head of EyeC Polska. “After seven years of building the Polish market with great success and now entering the Czech and Slovakian markets, it was clear that we needed premises that enable us to welcome potential customers and perform live demonstrations.”

In its new premises, the company now presents the pre-press inspection system EyeC Proofiler Graphic as well as the off-line inspection systems EyeC Proofiler 600 DT and EyeC Proofiler 1200 DT

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